Guest Reservation: In order to confirm a tour reservation, Landmark Tours requires a signed Reservation Form and a deposit from each tour guest (two Reservation Forms are included in this catalog). Receipt of final tour payment signifies that the tour guest understands and agrees to Landmark Tour’s Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy, and Exclusions.


Final Payment: Final Payment for tour must be received by Landmark Tours no later than 60 days before the tour departure date (except Hawaii, Alaska, Iceland, and Ireland. See individual trip brochures for terms).


Reservation Cancellation: In order to avoid a cancellation fee and obtain a full refund, Landmark Tours requires written notification of Tour Guest cancellation no later than 60 days before the tour departure (except Hawaii, Alaska, and Ireland. See individual trip brochures for terms). After 60 days, refer to the Refund & Cancellation Policy on page 33 of our catalog, or on the “How to Reserve your Space” page of each brochure. Our optional Guest Protection Plan is available to protect you from possible cancellation fees. See page 33 of our catalog, or the “How to Reserve your Space” page of each brochure for further information.


Tour Inclusions: Please review individual tour itineraries to learn what is included in our tour package price. Services not explicitly mentioned in the Landmark Tours Catalog are not included. Furthermore, additional costs not included in the tour package price are fees associated with air carriers, such as seat upgrades / changes, checked luggage fees, and airline fuel surcharges.


Changes to Tour Itinerary: Landmark Tours will make every effort to operate tours as advertised. Under special circumstances, Landmark Tours reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary to ensure proper handling of the tour. These changes can include, but are not limited to, schedule changes, hotels, and attractions. Any additional expense as a result will be paid by Landmark Tours. Any savings due to changes will be refunded to guests.


Airline Services & Responsibility: All airfare included in a Landmark Tours package or purchased by Landmark Tours is subject to the Terms & Conditions of each individual airline. By reserving airfare through Landmark Tours, each tour guests understands that Landmark Tours is acting as an agent and is not liable for injury, accident, death, sickness, damage or loss of property, flight delay, cancellation or extra expenses related to an airline carrier. All airline carriers are independent contractors and are not affiliated with Landmark Tours, even if Landmark Tours has purchased or arranged the airfare. The passenger contract used by the air carriers is the only contract between airlines and tour guest.


Included Hotels, Restaurants, & Attractions: The tours are arranged and operated by Landmark Tours, Inc. Landmark Tours acts only as an agent for third parties providing services for a tour. Landmark Tours is not liable for any injury, damage, loss or accident, delay or irregularity, or failure to carry such arrangement as mentioned.


Baggage Handling: Landmark Tours is not liable for any loss of luggage, theft or damage sustained while being handled by an airline, hotel, bus company, taxi /limo service or other. Responsibility of individual airlines is stated in their passenger contract. To learn about protecting your baggage, see the Guest Protection Plan on page 33 of our catalog, or on the “How to Reserve your Space” page of each brochure.


Luggage Requirements & Allowance: Due to space limitations on the motorcoach, we allow one suitcase for each tour guest. Most airlines require that checked luggage not exceed 50 lbs per suitcase (heavier luggage may result in additional airline fees). Furthermore, please limit carry on luggage to items needed during the day. There is additional overhead storage on the motorcoach, but space is limited and not guaranteed.


Government Issued ID / Passport: It is the responsibility of each tour guest to provide their name as written on their government issued photo ID (or Passport if traveling to Canada, Alaska, or outside of the U.S.) when registering for a tour. If the incorrect name is given, Landmark Tours is not liable for additional expenses incurred or travel delays as a result of airline ticket name changes.


Tour Cancellation: Tour Guest understands that Landmark Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason. The resulting liability of Landmark Tours is limited to a refund of the money that has been received from the Tour Guest. If a Tour Guest has purchased airfare through a different source, or arranged it on their own, Landmark Tours is not responsible for a refund of these expenses. Prior to booking air individually outside of a Landmark Tours package, it is required that each Tour Guest discuss tour itineraries with Landmark Tours. If a Tour Guest’s air itinerary does not align with the group’s itinerary, it is the Tour Guest’s responsibility to make arrangements to join the group.


Tour Photography: Landmark Tours may occasionally utilize videos or photographs taken by or of Tour Guest for promotional materials, including, but not limited to internet and print. Please notify Landmark Tours if you do not want your image in any promotional materials.


Tour Pace: On a Landmark Tour, walking is required in addition to consistently exiting and boarding the motorcoach. Furthermore, some attractions will require additional walking as there can be limited bus access. If concerned, it is the Tour Guest’s responsibility to consult a physician to see if the tour is suitable. Please read the below guidelines:


1) Landmark Tours packages are suited for travelers who are able to comfortably walk 1/2 mile in approximately 15 minutes.


2) If you are unable to keep pace with the other travelers in your group the Tour Manager may request that you stay near the motorcoach and forgo sightseeing that entails additional walking. If you are separated from the group during this time, it is the individual responsibility of the traveler to arrive at the pre-designated departure point at the agreed time. If third party transportation is required (i.e. a taxi), it will be at the traveler’s personal expense.


3) There will be occasions when staying on the motorcoach during stops is not allowed. At this time, all passengers must exit the motorcoach to allow the driver to lock the doors and take a break.


4) The Tour Manager, Tour Driver and hotel employees will not be available to lift or physically assist travelers. If personal assistance is a requirement, you must bring an able travel companion who can assist you in keeping up with the tour pace.


5) Our Tours have an average of 40 travelers. The group’s overall enjoyment is the primary responsibility of the Tour Manager. If you are consistently unable to keep up with the pace of your fellow travelers it can impede your safety or the other travelers’ enjoyment of the tour. The Tour Manager may request that you leave the tour. The resulting costs will be the personal responsibility of the traveler.


Membership: Membership will be granted to all persons. Landmark Tours reserves the right to terminate the tour or cruise of any persons who are abusive of others or whose behavior disrupts the tour.