Travel Alert and Updates: Information on COVID-19

  • When should I make my reservation?

    Once you have decided on a tour, we suggest making your reservation as soon as possible to ensure availability. Many of our tours sell out shortly after they are released to the public.  Call for more information 612-230-2040 (888-231-8735).

  • How are air reservations handled?

    The per person tour cost includes airfare from all major U.S. gateway airports. Click Here to see a list of airports we serve. If your preferred airport is not listed, you can Request a Quote or call 888-231-8735 and we will provide you with the additional cost.

  • Can Landmark Tours assist in finding a roommate?

    Yes. If you are a single traveler interested in finding a roommate for the trip, we can coordinate pairing you with an additional traveler if one is found. Please note that we will never finalize the double reservation until you have had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss the matter with your prospective roommate. We will always await confirmation from both travelers before proceeding.

  • What kind of hotels do you book?

    As a longtime tour operator, we understand the importance of quality accommodations. We select each hotel with a focus on amenities, comfort and location, and we’re proud to list the names and cities of the hotels being used in each tour package.

  • Are triple accommodations offered?

    Yes. Some hotels offer a rollaway bed at additional cost, although we are unable to guarantee availability. Two travelers may be required to share a queen or double bed. Please be aware that this may not be comfortable for three adults.

  • How many beds are in each room?

    Rooms will have either two queens or two double beds. Although not guaranteed, a limited number of king beds may be available and must be requested at the time of registration.

  • Why do single accommodations cost more?

    If you are traveling by yourself, the costs of hotel accommodations are incurred by one person instead of two. Therefore, single accommodations cost more than “double” or “triple” packages. A limited number of single rooms are available on each tour.

  • What do the Hotels serve for Breakfast?

    A full breakfast will be included each day. Typically breakfast will be buffet-style and include a selection of breads, jam, cereal, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, and juice. Most buffets will also include eggs, meats, pastries and yogurt. On occasion, a cooked to order breakfast will be available for each guest.

  • What is typical for an included Dinner?

    Dinner will vary depending on our location, sometimes being served at local restaurants or at our hotel. Most dinners offer a choice of entrée with some selections made at the dinner table and others selected ahead of time. In order to accommodate a variety of preferences and guest dietary requirements, or to facilitate a busy schedule, some dinners will be served buffet-style.

  • How do you arrange seating on the Motorcoach?

    Seating is assigned and a rotation system is used. Each day our guests will occupy a different seat. In order to provide a fair experience for all passengers, we are unable to accept special seating requests and appreciate your participation with the rotation system.

  • Is there a restroom on the Motorcoach?

    The motorcoaches are equipped with a restroom, although we plan our tours so that the typical time between restroom stops is no longer than 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • How much time will I spend in the Motorcoach?

    Each tour day varies depending on the itinerary and the number of miles that are involved. Morning departures generally range from 8:00am to 9:00am and hotel arrivals are scheduled anywhere from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. We plan our tours so that the typical amount of time between stops on the motorcoach is no longer than 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • May I request airline seating assignments?

    Most Landmark Tours packages include group air reservations. With group air reservations, seating assignments are controlled by the airlines and special requests are sometimes not available until check-in. We will communicate all customer seating requests to the airlines, but we are unable to guarantee these requests. It is possible that you may not be seated next to your traveling companion. If Landmark Tours is booking your air individually, seating assignment requests can sometimes be made at the time of booking.

  • How often will I need to carry my own luggage?

    Whenever luggage service is available at a hotel, it will be included. Occasionally, guests will have to wheel luggage in and out of a hotel. However, most hotels offer this service.

  • Are airline baggage fees included?

    Due to airline group booking constraints, at this time we are unable to pre-pay baggage fees. This will be the responsibility of each traveler to be paid at check-in for the flight. This can be best handled by credit card.

  • May I extend my stay before or after the Tour?

    Independent departures and pre/post-tour extensions must be confirmed prior to the final payment date. Honoring these requests will be dependent upon availability of air and hotel space.

  • Do I need a passport?

    For all trips outside of the United States, a U.S. Passport will be required to cross the border whether travel is by land or air. U.S. Customs suggests that your passport’s expiration date be no sooner than six months after your travel ends. 

  • What is the pace of a tour?

    On a Landmark Tour, walking is required in addition to consistently exiting and boarding the motorcoach. Furthermore, some attractions will require additional walking as there can be limited bus access. If concerned, it is the Tour Guest’s responsibility to consult a physician to see if the tour is suitable. Please read the below guidelines:

    1) Landmark Tours packages are suited for travelers who are able to comfortably walk 1/2 mile in approximately 15 minutes.

    2) If you are unable to keep pace with the other travelers in your group the Tour Manager may request that you stay near the motorcoach and forgo sightseeing that entails additional walking. If you are separated from the group during this time, it is the individual responsibility of the traveler to arrive at the pre-designated departure point at the agreed time. If third party transportation is required (i.e. a taxi), it will be at the traveler’s personal expense.

    3) There will be occasions when staying on the motorcoach during stops is not allowed. At this time, all passengers must exit the motorcoach to allow the driver to lock the doors and take a break.

    4) The Tour Manager, Tour Driver and hotel employees will not be available to lift or physically assist travelers. If personal assistance is a requirement, you must bring an able travel companion who can assist you in keeping up with the tour pace.

    5) Our Tours have an average of 40 travelers. The group’s overall enjoyment is the primary responsibility of the Tour Manager. If you are consistently unable to keep up with the pace of your fellow travelers it can impede your safety or the other travelers’ enjoyment of the tour. The Tour Manager may request that you leave the tour. The resulting costs will be the personal responsibility of the traveler.

  • May I bring a wheelchair or other walking assistance device?

    Foldable wheelchairs and walkers are allowed on tour, but are not permitted onboard the motorcoach and must be stored in the baggage compartment underneath. Passengers intending to bring a wheelchair or walker must notify Landmark Tours when registering. Landmark Tours regrets it cannot provide individual assistance to a guest for walking, wheelchairs, or other personal needs. Guests needing assistance must be accompanied by an able companion who can assist them.

  • Where do I meet the Tour Manager?

    Tours departing from the Twin Cities will have airport check-in assistance from the staff at Landmark Tours. The Tour Manager will await your arrival at a pre-specified meeting point in the destination airport. The meeting point will be indicated in your Travel Documentation which will be sent two weeks prior to your departure. If you are flying separate from the group air reservation, you will meet the group at the airport or the hotel in the destination city.

  • Are customer tips for the Tour Manager & Driver included?

    Tips for the Tour Manager and Driver are not included in the tour package. You are encouraged to express your appreciation for their work and contribution to your overall enjoyment of the trip.

  • Are tips for other services included?

    Tipping is included in the tour pricing for all activities prearranged by Landmark Tours. This includes hotel staff, restaurants and additional included services such as step-on guides. Tipping for any independent meals or activities will be the responsibility of the traveler.

  • What attire should I pack?

    Climate will vary in different destinations. We will send you Travel Documentation two weeks prior to your departure. Within these documents, we will provide local weather information so that you can properly prepare for the tour.