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Meet Our Team

  • Mike Lyons, President & CEO of Landmark Tours

    Mike Lyons, President

    Favorite Destination: The Hawaiian Islands

  • John Lyons, Founder & Chairman of Landmark Tours

    John Lyons, CEO

    Favorite Destination: The Canadian Rockies

  • Jessica Florac, Product Manager

    Favorite Destination: The Oregon Coast

  • Laura Ludington, Lead Tour Manager

    Favorite Destination: New York City

  • Amber Munson, Administrative Manager

    Favorite Destination: London

  • Margie Zerbe, Tour Manager

    Favorite Destination: Norway


Our Vision

We create rewarding and engaging travel offerings that allow our guests to fulfill their dreams. Through extraordinary care and compassion, we maintain longstanding relationships with trusting partners and travelers. We are passionate, trustworthy, and experienced professionals providing our clients and guests a service-focused experience.

A Landmark vacation is thoroughly planned, well-paced, and very inclusive. By pairing the “must-sees” of each region with enriching cultural elements, we ensure our guests truly experience each destination. It’s the reason so many of our travelers return each year to “Go with Landmark”.